A Certified Rolfer and Rolfing Movement practitioner since 1993, I have a passion for working with people and their stories (history). People carry their stories throughout their lives in their body. Through this therapy I have developed a somatic understanding of how trauma is stored in the body. I am particularly interested in working with the chronic holding in the tissue and nervous system that can keep one stuck. Through deep listening with my hands and simply being present, a container is created for the space necessary for more openness, which in turn creates the possibility of further resolution to take place. My approach to the work is to create a container of trust and affinity… resolution happens through relationship: relationship with one’s therapist and ultimately with oneself.
A life long learner and experiencer, I looked at my life through the lens of psychoanalysis for 5 years with a big focus on dream work, participated in many various workshops such as Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, many Ayahuasca ceremonies, therapeutically used psilocybin and watchuma. I am currently training in somatic counselling to enhance and deepen my skills.


I have completed professional intensive relational somatic therapy training with Opening to Grace.

I am passionate about this highly effective approach to healing and transformation.

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